A company cannot be a good global citizen without running its daily business responsibly. It involves a commitment to business ethics and putting that commitment into practice.

All our Cargo is tested and certified for proper weight of each bag, number of bags, stitching, markings, proper stacking, sealing and Salmonella/E-coli. Samples for the tests are dawn randomly from about 8-10% of actual cargo being loaded by representative of Inspection agency himself at the time of loading.

Containers are stuffed in the factory premises and are moved to Delhi dry port which has daily connection to all major ports. Factory stuffing facilitates intactness of cargo by avoiding damages that occur during port stuffing. It also avoids several loading and unloading of consignments (minimum 3 / 4 times in case of port stuffing) and protects the cargo from dust and oil stained surfaces. This ensures the intactness of the cargo at destination. Extra 5-10 empty bags are put in each container .The container are fumigated and cleaned before stuffing and Kraft paper is put on the walls and base of each container to control environmental moisture. The base is again layered with poly sheet to prevent ground moisture to seep in. The containers are fumigated and finally sealed at the premises by customs authorities.

We are also devoted to offering you timely and periodic market updates reports and flexible shipment schedules to suit your needs best.

Hygiene and quality control has been and remains our top priority. Seeds and water samples are randomly and periodically drama and verified for the proper functioning of our system. With the incorporation of HACCP certification system we hope to achieve higher standards of hygiene and competency. For storage area cleaning, sanitation and pest management, water and hot air lines, sieves, magnets, checks are conducted periodically. The plant is fumigated and the periphery of the factory fumigated and disinfected fortnightly.

IFS & BRC Certified

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     I am the CEO / DIRECTOR of Shakumbhri Expo Impo Ltd., one of the leading processor and Exporter of Premium Quality Hulled Sesame Seed, dedicated to my business & family, I strive hard to achieve my goal of being numero uno in my field of trade.