About Sesame

The sesame seeds grow on a plant that has a hairy single stalk, though some do have branches. The average plant grows two to four feet high, some even up to 9 feet in height. The plant blossoms with white, pink or purplish flowers that develop into elongated pods containing numerous seeds stacked horizontally, one on top of the other, within the pod. The pear-shaped seed itself is encased in a fibrous hull that offers a range of color from light tan to red, brown, and even black. Hulled seeds, those with the hulls removed, are an ivory white.

Sesame seeds are thought to be one of the oldest condiments, and so appealing that they became an integral part of the varied cuisines throughout the Middle East where they were native. Before sesame seeds were appreciated for their ability to add rich nutty flavor or to garnish foods, they were used mainly for oil or wine. In addition to its popular use as oil for salads or cooking, sesame oil was used in producing margarine, soap making, pharmaceuticals, paints and lubricants. In the cosmetic field, sesame oil was used as a base in developing perfumes.

Today sesame forms an integral part of our food chain and found distinctly as sesame butter, made of ground sesame seeds, with a consistency similar to peanut butter. Sesame seeds are available in hulled and unhulled form. Throughout the world, the hulled sesame seeds appear as a traditional topping on hamburger buns and used in making the best tahini and halva. The unhulled seeds, also referred to as "natural", are used on crackers, bread sticks, and Italian breads because they have the ability to adhere better. Black Sesame is used mainly for decorative and garnishing purposes.

Sesame is still used for making sesame oil and is very popular in Asian countries mainly Japan, China , Korea etc. After the sesame oil is pressed out of the seed, the resulting residue is referred to as a seed cake that is very high in protein. A portion of this nutritious seed cake is used as animal feed, while the remainder is ground into sesame flour and added to health foods.

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